Species Classification Description
Animorph Being Humanoid beings that have an animal trait or feature (i.e. scorpion tail, tiger fangs, etc.).
Banshee Being Beings that kill with a high-pitched shriek.
Basilisk Beast Large serpent with extremely toxic breath.
Centaur Being Humanoid creatures that have the body of a human from the waist up and a horse body from the waist down.
Cetea Beast Creatures with the body of a fish and the head of a land mammal.
Chimera Beast Creature with three heads of a lion, snake, and goat, each of which can breathe fire.
Chupacabra Beast Creature that attacks and drains the blood from cattle.
Cupid Being Heavenly beings that guide others to find love.
Cyclops Being Giants with only one eye in the center of their forehead.
Demon Being Beings whose main goal is to wreak havoc in the world.
Dragon Beast Huge reptilian creature that has two wings and can breathe fire.
Dwarf Being Humanoid beings that are only about 2-3 feet tall.
Elf Being Humanoid beings that are only about 2-3 feet tall. They are assistants for other beings that claim them as theirs.
Fairy Being Humanoid beings that are less than a foot tall. They can fly and possess their own variation of magic.
Fury Being Humanoid females that punish evil doers.
Gargoyle Beast Stone creatures that sometimes have wings. They are created by beings to protect their lairs.
Genie Spirit Spirits that live inside a lamp and have to grant three wishes to whoever summons them.
Ghoul Spirit Phantasm that attempts to scare other beings.
Ghost Spirit Past humans whose souls were unable to move on to the afterlife for some reason.
Gigante Being/Beast Various species of beings and beasts that look exactly like the normal creatures but they are much larger.
Gnome Being Humanoid beings that are only about 1 foot tall. They are trickster beings.
Goblin Being Small creatures that are very smart and tricky. They distrust all other beings.
Golem Being Beings created from either sand, rock, mud, brick, etc.
Gorgon Being Female humanoid monsters with snakes for hair. Their gaze and petrify those that look into their eyes directly.
Gremlin Beast Small creatures that cause small problems for beings.
Harpy Being Female evil beings that have long claws.
Hippocampus Beast Sea-dwelling creature with the foreparts of a horse and a serpentine fish tail.
Hippogriff Beast Creature with the body of a horse, wings, and an eagle head. They are extremely proud creatures.
Hydra Beast Reptilian beast that had multiple heads. When one head is cut off, two more grow back.
Imp Being Tiny creatures that are always under the control of a wizard.
Leprechaun Being Small beings that give or take away luck from other beings.
Manticore Beast Creature with a lion body, scorpion tail that can shoot spikes, and a human face.
Merpeople Being Beings with the upper body of a human with a long fish tail.
Minotaur Beast Creature with the body of a human and a bull head.
Mummy Spirit Spirits that are wrapped in bandages. They are always under the control of a wizard.
Muse Being Invisible female beings that inspire creativity in beings.
Mutant Being Beings that have supernatural powers and sometimes a slight inhuman appearance.
Myrmeke Beast Giant ants that guard gold deposits in the earth.
Naiad Being Female beings that live in bodies of water.
Nymph Being Female beings that live within trees.
Ogre Being
Oracle Being
Pegasus Beast
Phoenix Beast
Pixie Being
Poltergeist Spirit
Satyr Being
Seer Being
Siren Being
Skeleton Spirit
Soothsayer Being
Sphinx Beast
Succubus Being
Troll Being
Unicorn Beast
Vampire Being
Warlock Being
Werewolf Being/Beast
Witch Being
Wizard Being
Wraith Spirit
Yeti Beast
Zombie Spirit